I'm still in shock whenever I gaze upon the exterior of this house!  I'm so used to cringing when certain areas come into view - all of a sudden they're perfect!  I can't get over it!  I guess I just didn't believe it was possible that such a thorough job could be done, with huge repairs being done prior to painting (instead of acres of caulking and paint to cover the imperfections!)  I'm forever grateful to you and your hardy crew for battling the elements and working non-stop on this place until it gleamed.  Everyone was punctual in spite of the weather and I never heard any complaining, no matter what challenge confronted them.  

I was glad to have the barn available for you to store the equipment.  It was quite a scene in there midway through the job with garden tools, lawn furniture, fishing gear AND all your stuff.  But after you left the place was immaculate and swept, as I suspected it would be!  I hope you're all getting some rest and I'll bet that anything you're hired to do after this house will be a walk in the park in comparison.  

I'll certainly spread the word about the excellence of the work you all do.  I love having the showpiece of Lanesville!  Do you do yard work?????!!

Toby H.

1092 Washington Street, Gloucester

I had Michael McNamara’s Precision Painting paint our house and we are thrilled with the results! It was a very big job on a 3 story home and involved a lot of preparation and care. They were very professional and business like and very neat.

My neighbors were also very impressed with how well managed they were. Kudo’s to the entire crew for a job well done. Thank you so much.  

Janet Herrmann

30 Beach Road, Gloucester

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